Counselling with Gianina Ardeleanu in Central London and Borehamwood
Working with Children, Young People & Adults

About Counselling

Counselling is a space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, to be in a relationship where you don't feel judged, but accepted and supported to implement the changes you want, to work through your issues. Counselling with me is about the quality of the relationship, is about being human and connected. Being listened to and having the time and opportunity to voice your feelings, can be healing and freeing.

Working with adults

I see people who struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions, everyday life stress, parenting difficulties, relationship problems and many other unwanted thoughts and feelings. I do have a special interest in working with parents to have meaningful and enjoyable relationships with their children, to restore harmony within the family. Also, most of my clients are people who had difficult relationship with their own parents, and might feel stuck, unhappy, sad, angry, resentful, always trying to please others and having difficulties in forming healthy relationships. I help them to make sense of their past history, to accept and integrate their experiences, to let go and move on.

Working with children

When working with young children, their language is play. I can facilitate expression through different art mediums and I enable children to give a voice to their thoughts and feelings using their choice of communication, like sand, paint or puppets. Through therapy children learn that it's ok to share with a caring adult distressing and upsetting experiences. They learn to trust, to have hope and to believe that help and support is available. Therapeutic play it's an opportunity to raise confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Play transforms the developing brain of your child, play will give the chance to your child to grow into an adult that can manage future life adversities. Counselling will give you back the child that you lost to anger, frustration, sadness or resentment.

Working with young people

Being a teenager is one of the most difficult times in one's life. So many issues to face daily- tense relationships with parents and peers, exam stress and anxiety, bullying, feeling insecure around others and within yourself, identity crisis. Being a teenager it's a difficult time not only for the young person, but also for the parents. As a parent you might have a feeling that you don't know your child anymore, and you wonder what can be done to reach out to your child, how can you help. Teenage years are very confusing, for parents and children, and hard to navigate if there is no support in place. Please remember, when you feel that it's so, so hard to love and like your child, it's when they need your love most.
For a young person, therapy can be a safe heaven in a harsh world, where they feel that no one can understand them and no one is in their corner. For a young person, to have someone in their corner, like a therapist, can make the difference between feeling all alone and overwhelmed by powerful, sometimes destructive, thoughts and feelings, and feeling contained, valued, supported and empowered to grow in a person that's confident, resilient and brave to challenge himself/herself and the world around.

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